Support & DevOps Services

AquaQ can assist with your needs across  

  • Trading and back office systems support,  
  • Risk systems support, 
  • Market Data Capture systems support, 
  • kdb+ specific systems support and  
  • DevOps, covering all of the above areas.

System Support 

AquaQ can provide teams to cover your level-2 and level-3 support requirements at your global office locations, or from our offices in Belfast. We have in depth experience of follow-the-sun support models across global operations for mission critical systems, including up to 24/7 coverage. If you are onboarding a new system or application or need a dedicated team to take over an existing suite of applications, we are more than happy to help. 

Kdb+ System Support

AquaQ specialises in support teams for kdb+ and kdb+ related application suites. Our specialist support teams are experts in implementing best in class system monitoring and alerting, with an eye always towards continuous improvement and ever improving SLAs.  

Domain Knowledge

In addition to being system support specialists, we focus heavily on our support teams becoming SMEs on the data in the applications under their care and having a full understanding of the business processes and flows underlying the applications.  


AquaQ Analytics can support your DevOps needs across Environment Setup and Control, Release Management across environments, Coordinating efforts across developers, testers, user acceptance testing and production support teams, ensuring industry best practices are implemented and followed.  

Hedge Fund and Broker Support

If you are a Hedge Fund or Brokerage that needs to draw on expertise across Support and DevOps, but you don’t need a full time in-house team to fulfil your needs, AquaQ can assist in an ad-hoc fashion to suit your requirements. This also applies to ad-hoc kdb+ development needs. In the majority of cases we have remote access to the client’s systems and connect directly, either over a VPN or a remote desktop connection.

Our pricing models are flexible, and we can also manage your set up on a managed service basis. 

If you are interested in the service please get in touch.  We can provide you with references from our current (happy!) customer base as required. 

Sharon GilmoreSupport & DevOps Services