Classroom Kdb Training

Welcome to the AquaQ Analytics Classroom kdb Training offering. Classroom kdb training courses can be offered remotely over webex or in person directly on client site. Our online kdb/kdb+ training site is an ideal complement to our instructor delivered training. Attendees can use the online modules to help reinforce certain subjects, and to test their knowledge with question sets.

For classroom training courses, we currently offer:

  • a 3-day introductory course which teaches the basics all the way up to writing advanced kdb/kdb+ queries
  • a 2-day developer extension which focuses on the developer specific finer details of kdb/kdb+
  • a 1-day crash introduction to kdb/kdb+, aimed at quantitative analysts and support personnel in particular
  • a half day course introducing users to the AquaQ TorQ Framework for kdb/kdb+.

Please contact us to discuss trainer availability and rates for classroom courses. Our classroom-based courses can also be customized and tailored as required.

kdb training introductory course

Introductory Course

Our 3-day introductory course is aimed at those users who wish to learn kdb/kdb+ from the ground up. The focus is on being able to write optimal queries using both the built in functionality, and extending the language with user defined functions. The target audience are new kdb/kdb+ developers and quantitative analysts/traders who wish to make the most out of kdb/kdb+.

To become proficient in kdb/kdb+ requires a thorough understanding of the basics. This course covers the basics all the way up to performing some advanced data analysis:

  • Creation and manipulation of basic data structures such as atoms and lists
  • Overview of built in functions and keywords
  • Creation of functions to extend the query language and create complex reports
  • Adverbs
  • Saving and loading files and tables
  • Creation and manipulation of dictionaries and tables
  • Queries (select statements), including how to optimise them
  • Joins
  • Basic IPC and web access
  • Extended data analysis and report creation examples, including pivoting and functional form

Developer Extension Course

Our 2-day developer extension course builds upon the 3-day introductory course. Some topics are covered in more detail, and new material is introduced. The course is aimed at those wishing to work with kdb/kdb+ in an advanced, development role. It is recommended that you have completed the introductory course before taking the developer course. Topics include:

  • On-disk database structure
  • Advanced IPC
  • WebSockets
  • Real time system architecture, including kdb+tick
  • Attributes
  • Foreign language interfacing
kdb training developer course

kdb training crash course

Crash Course

Our 1-day crash course is a standalone course aimed at users who wish to gain a knowledge of how to query the database efficiently, but who are less likely to need to create their own scripts of functions. The target audience would typically be users working in a system support role, developers working predominantly in other languages, or quantitative analysts/traders who wish to run database queries. The topics covered are:

  • Queries (select statements) with an emphasis on making the query efficient
  • Built in functions
  • Joins
  • Creation of functions to run reports


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