AquaQ Analytics provides software development and support consultants to clients. This can be on client-site, or working from our Belfast offices through our near-shore model. We can also deliver full end-to-end development projects for clients, from project inception to go-live, including business analysis, development, testing and project management services. Please email for more information.

AquaQ also provides data mining and predictive analytics services using technologies including SAS Analytics and R.

Kdb+ and Kx Systems

Kx Systems provides a unified approach to streaming, real-time and historical data. The kdb/kdb+ relational database enables leading financial services companies to capture, analyze and store vast amounts of data in seconds or less. Kx products close the gap between what ordinary databases deliver and what today’s real-time enterprises need. For more information, visit

Enterprise Server Technology

AquaQ specialises in serverside development of bespoke data solutions, legacy re-platforming and feature addition using a blend of mature technologies coupled with leading edge innovations, all backed with a wealth of industry domain knowledge and database technologies. Please email for more information.

UI Visualisation Technology

AquaQ specialises in UI development of bespoke, reactive web applications in message driven architectures. Real-time and time series data sets visualised, big data ecosystem integrations and analytical design and user experience leaders. Please email for more information.

Cloud Solution Implementation

AquaQ operate at scale with enterprise devops, continuous delivery and cloud computing. Our cloud adoption service helps organisations with architectural, technical and governance issues whether that is in cloud migration, using hybrid cloud approaches and achieving secure technology platforms. Please email for more information.

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