AquaQ Analytics Launches kdb+ Training Academy

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AquaQ Analytics is delighted to announce a new 5 Week kdb+ Training Academy   AquaQ Analytics is pleased to announce the launch of a new 5-week intensive kdb+ Training Academy. Clients can now take advantage of the same comprehensive kdb+ training AquaQ provides to its own staff. The training is delivered by industry leading experts and is aimed at clients’ …

AquaQ AdminAquaQ Analytics Launches kdb+ Training Academy

kdb+ Online Training Updated- Architecture

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We recorded our recent kdb+ Architecture Workshop in London, and we’ve added the video and slide deck as a bonus module on our kdb+ Bootcamp Online Training Course.  Above is a snapshot – a three hour in-depth workshop in 15 seconds.  Topics covered include: the basics of data capture extending kdb+ tick and alternative strategies scaling throughput versus latency removing …

Jonny Presskdb+ Online Training Updated- Architecture

kdb+ Architecture Workshop

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Thanks to everyone who attended our kdb+ Architecture Workshop in Code Node, London.  We had a full house, and lots of great feedback.  If you would like to get more information on future events, or have any topic suggestions for future workshops, please get in touch.  

AquaQ Adminkdb+ Architecture Workshop

Learn kdb+ in X minutes

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  No programming language is an island. In modern data infrastructures many languages and tools peacefully co-exist, and so do the engineers who specialise in using these technologies. The q gods and Java masters must live alongside one another! When working on a large system it can be very useful – and sometimes necessary – to gain some knowledge outside …

Matt DohertyLearn kdb+ in X minutes

Free of Charge kdb+ Architecture Workshop NYC

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We were discussing our launch party in NYC and were kicking around ideas of what to do before it.  Some of us wanted to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; some of us wanted to go for a long lunch and maybe a stroll through Central Park; some of us wanted to run a kdb+ Architecture Workshop. So here we are. …

AquaQ AdminFree of Charge kdb+ Architecture Workshop NYC

AquaQ Online kdb+ Training Enhancements

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We’ve been working hard on enhancements to our online kdb+ training site.  We’ve extended the functionality and added new training modules following feedback from customers.  You can also request new features and we just might add them! Quick Reference Video Links Everyone loves this one!  Most of our individual units cover several q operators- if they didn’t then the course would …

Jonny PressAquaQ Online kdb+ Training Enhancements

Supporting A kdb+ System: Online Training

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We are pleased to announce that due to popular demand we’ve added new content to our online training course.  The additional material is on supporting a kdb+ system (something we have some experience of).  The new material covers: overview of a real time data capture architecture (kdb+tick) kdb+tick setup health checking, monitoring, support and maintenance of a data capture system on …

Jonny PressSupporting A kdb+ System: Online Training

kdb+ Online Training Courses Released

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AquaQ Analytics, an implementation and training partner of Kx Systems, is pleased to announce today the release of a new series of online training courses for kdb+ and q. This latest offering is in addition to the classroom-based training courses and kdb+ consultancy services provided by the company to clients. The courses, starting with kdb+ Bootcamp and kdb+ Booster, have …

Jamie Grantkdb+ Online Training Courses Released