TorQ 2018 Roadmap

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Below is our current TorQ roadmap for 2018. We welcome any additional suggestions, or prioritisation requests. Data Manipulation Library The point here is to produce a set of utilities useful for analysing and manipulating datasets. The target audience is new kdb+ developers or business users. Visualisation products (e.g. Panopticon) are probably good target applications as it is useful to pivot, …

Jonny PressTorQ 2018 Roadmap

AquaQ Analytics Signs Panopticon Reseller Agreement with Datawatch

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AquaQ Analytics is pleased to announce that it has become an authorised reseller of the Datawatch Panopticon Visual Analytics Technology. Already a professional services partner for Datawatch, AquaQ will now actively resell the technology to clients operating within the capital markets sector and beyond into other industry verticals. Speaking about the news, AquaQ Analytics CEO Ronan Pairceir commented …

Jamie GrantAquaQ Analytics Signs Panopticon Reseller Agreement with Datawatch

TorQ Release v3.1 – Kafka, Data Replay and Subscriber Cutoff

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We are delighted to announce release v3.1 of TorQ, the latest instalment of our kdb+ framework. The first of our great new additions is kafka.q, which provides q language bindings for the ‘distributed streaming platform’ Apache Kafka, a real time messaging system with persistent storage in message logs. An application architecture built around Kafka could dispense with a tickerplant component, …

Jamie GrantTorQ Release v3.1 – Kafka, Data Replay and Subscriber Cutoff

TorQ – CME Data Processing Add-on

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Our new addition to the TorQ framework presents a method for processing historical data in its native FIX format from the CME, building and maintaining an order book, and writing this data to disk in a variety of approaches suited to query efficiency or space efficiency. Our example data set is FX futures contracts of 11 major currency pairs, but …

Aidan O'GormanTorQ – CME Data Processing Add-on

Data Replay and Backtest in TorQ

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TorQ has a new utility for replaying historical data into real-time data processes, datareplay.q.  Replaying data is usually the first step towards allowing you to backtest.  datareplay.q builds a table of upd function calls like those generated by a tickerplant, but instead, using a historical database as the data source, making it simple to test new or existing real-time subscribers …

Allan MooreData Replay and Backtest in TorQ

New TorQ-FX Released

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For anyone who has used TorQ, you will most likely be familiar with the Finance Starter Pack. The starter pack is an example data capture system that is based on randomly generated equity data. It was created with the purpose of showing how to set up an example TorQ installation and how different applications can be built and deployed on …

Jamie GrantNew TorQ-FX Released

kdb+ Database Setup Utilities

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This blog post describes tools to help setup a new kdb+ database. The tools allow you to: calculate the expected memory requirements of the database check columns have been typed correctly in order to avoid sym file bloat Background The volume of data that a kdb+ process can store in memory is finite and must be estimated and considered when designing …

Aidan O'Gormankdb+ Database Setup Utilities

kdb+ Online Training Updated- Architecture

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We recorded our recent kdb+ Architecture Workshop in London, and we’ve added the video and slide deck as a bonus module on our kdb+ Bootcamp Online Training Course.  Above is a snapshot – a three hour in-depth workshop in 15 seconds.  Topics covered include: the basics of data capture extending kdb+ tick and alternative strategies scaling throughput versus latency removing …

Jonny Presskdb+ Online Training Updated- Architecture

kdb+ Architecture Workshop

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Thanks to everyone who attended our kdb+ Architecture Workshop in Code Node, London.  We had a full house, and lots of great feedback.  If you would like to get more information on future events, or have any topic suggestions for future workshops, please get in touch.  

AquaQ Adminkdb+ Architecture Workshop

TorQ Release v3.0.0- LDAP and Permissions

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We are very excited to announce release v3.0.0 of TorQ, our kdb+ production framework! There are a number of exciting new features added in this release. For starters, we have updated our documentation to an easy to navigate new website: – here you’ll find information about all the functionality of TorQ, without having to wade through a massive PDF …

Jonathon McMurrayTorQ Release v3.0.0- LDAP and Permissions