kdb programming challenge – Minesweeper

AquaQ Admin kdb+ 2 Comments

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a very good holiday and wouldn’t it be great to start the new year with a big bang right?? It has been a while since the last challenge and I’m sure my fans are dreading for one 🙂 Ok, enough of messing around. Let’s get down to business! I’m sure everyone is …

AquaQ Adminkdb programming challenge – Minesweeper

kdb programming challenge – Fibonacci Clock

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We all know what the Fibonacci Sequence is. It is basically the summation of last 2 numbers of a series starting from 1 (i.e. 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 ….). It exists in nature and can be seen in a sunflower head or in a snail shell as shown above. It is also related to the famous golden …

AquaQ Adminkdb programming challenge – Fibonacci Clock

kdb programming challenge – Morse Code

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“dit dit dit dit – dit dit” We hear this noise in films, war documentaries and even in everyday life. What is this adorable little sound of melody? Yes you are right. This is not just any random sound generated by highly skilled operator (myself) using this little clicking thingy, but THE Morse Code itself. It is just a fancy way of saying …

AquaQ Adminkdb programming challenge – Morse Code

kdb programming challenge – countdown numbers game

Matt Doherty kdb+ 2 Comments

This weeks challenge is in honour of the the late Richard Whiteley, who in his time clocked up more hours on British TV screens than anyone else alive! Consonant please, Carol… Puzzle 4 – Countdown Numbers Game The challenge is based on the countdown numbers game and is a little more difficult than previous weeks, so we’ve split it into …

Matt Dohertykdb programming challenge – countdown numbers game

kdb programming challenge – rotating substitution cipher

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Puzzle 3 – Rotating Substitution Cipher In cryptography one of the simplest forms of encryption is the substitution cipher, where you take each letter and pick a replacement for it. Encryption is then as simple as substituting each letter in your message with the replacement letter from the cipher. This type of encryption is usually not difficult to break, since …

Matt Dohertykdb programming challenge – rotating substitution cipher

q programming challenge – Narcissistic Numbers

Jamie Grant kdb+ 6 Comments

This is the second in an occasional series of q challenges we’ll post on the blog. Please get involved by posting your own solutions in the comments (prior to revealing the solution). As we get through the backlog of challenges that have been posed and completed by the AquaQ team, future challenges will be conducted ‘live’ on the blog, with …

Jamie Grantq programming challenge – Narcissistic Numbers

kdb programming challenge – Pascal’s Triangle

Matt Doherty kdb+ 9 Comments

Hello and welcome to the hotly anticipated inaugural post of the AquaQ Analytics q programming challenge blog! Hopefully our humble website can handle the inevitable onslaught of puzzle-solving traffic. In this blog we will try to keep you entertained with a series of interesting computational or mathematical problems, and their solutions in kdb+/q. The solutions will be initially hidden for …

Matt Dohertykdb programming challenge – Pascal’s Triangle