Shari Carey

Operations Analyst

What is your background and how did you come about joining AquaQ?

After completing a Batchelors of Education in Post Primary Maths and Science teaching at St Mary’s University College Belfast, I was seeking to pursue a career outside of the education sector. Following some research AquaQ seemed very appealing due to its structured in house kdb+ training programme which includes a mixture of training videos as well as classroom-based sessions which does not assume any prior kdb+ knowledge, perfect for those who have not done a computer science related degree.  What I particularly enjoyed in AquaQ training was that each kdb+ topic covered in the videos gave us a solid grounding in the foundations which was followed by a classroom session with one of the many supportive and approachable senior developers, giving us the opportunity to ask any questions and test our knowledge further.

Did you know what an Operations Analyst was?

The role I applied for in AquaQ was an Operations Analyst, and initially I wasn’t fully sure what the role entails. I work as part of a tier one investment bank, supporting a market data platform application alongside my team both in the AquaQ office in Belfast and as far away as New Zealand. We deal with many client issues which vary day to day, so there is never a dull moment especially in the fast-paced trading world!

What worried you most about becoming an Operations Analyst?

Our clients are world wide, meaning that our team work a shift rota supporting clients in all timezones. Initially the term “shift work” made me apprehensive – especially with the need for a team member to cover the weekend shifts. However, working shifts and weekends allows you to work up some overtime. Additionally, working weekends allows you to take a day off during the week, providing some flexibility. Shift work allows you to miss that rush hour traffic which can seriously decrease your commute. For me, the pros outweigh the cons regarding shift work in this particular role

Why do you enjoy working at AquaQ?

As AquaQ has a wide range of employees from very experienced professionals to new starts the variety of colleagues present makes for a very welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, when you join AquaQ you begin as part of a cohort so it makes the first while seem a lot less daunting. There are many additional perks associated with working at AquaQ namely, free fruit on Mondays, free lunch on the first Friday of every month, and every week there is a social event of some description whether its grabbing a few beverages on a Friday after work or a full office bonding away day!

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