The Resources page presents our library of kdb+ related material that has been put together by our development team at AquaQ Analytics. New material will be added here on a regular basis and on our Github page, in addition to appearing on our blog postings. Please contact us by email via with questions or follow-ups regarding the material.

Interfacing kdb/kdb+ and C

This document will examine how to transfer data from kdb/kdb+ data types to the appropriate data types in C and then also using C, print the data to the screen. It will also explore the process of creating standard C data types and then returning them to kdb/kdb+ for further use.

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Interfacing kdb/kdb+ and C#

In order to connect to and interact with a kdb/kdb+ database from C#, an interface class, c.cs, is required. This class contains the methods and objects needed to interact between the two languages. We have found in working with c.cs that there is a lack of accompanying detailed documentation and sample code. This makes it difficult to decipher and use this class, unless the developer has previous experience of it. This document aims to provide some guidance for users wishing to use c.cs to communicate between C# and kdb/kdb+.

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TCP Sockets and kdb/kdb+

This document provides an overview and accompanying sample code that the reader can use to construct a simple TCP socket connection to kdb/kdb+. Many market data feeds (such as Reuters SSL, EBS and many others) provide simple text based updates available over a TCP socket. This data can then be delivered to kdb/kdb+ and processed in a user defined manner.

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Password security is often a weak link in hardening systems against intrusion, as can be seen by the many reports of high profile breaches. With 32-bit kdb/kdb+ now free for commercial or educational use. it is timely to look at best practices in password security. In this article the main focus will be on the storage and verification of user passwords. It is a large subject area beyond the confines of this article to fully cover, so links for the interested reader will be provided throughout.

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An example of a not-so-obvious use of the powerful q programming language supplied with kdb/kdb+. Enjoy!

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HTML5 Websockets and kdb+

This document explores using kdb+ with websockets and various web based technologies.

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kdb+ Utilities

A set of utilities covering a q API helper script, timer and caching functions.


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