AquaQ Summer Event & Free Workshops

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We’ve made it a tradition to have a bit of a party in the summer.  This year we are doing it a bit early because the winter was grim, and we would rather spend June and July watching the World Cup. So the date is set – Thursday 31st May 2018. We will also be running two free workshops, one …

Jamie GrantAquaQ Summer Event & Free Workshops

Using kdb+ with REST APIs

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In the modern web, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) form a large part of programmatic interfacing with web services. Many of the services you likely use everyday provide APIs, allowing third party developers to build applications around these services, whether that means retrieving data, receiving notifications of certain events, or sending information to the service for processing. Numerous services used frequently …

Jonathon McMurrayUsing kdb+ with REST APIs

kdb+ IoT Database Structure

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When implementing a kdb+ database the partitioning structure is a key decision point. kdb+ provides four in-built ways to partition database tables: by year, month, date or integer. Only one partitioning scheme may be used. The best option is usually based on two factors: how data arrives how it is accessed The partitioning scheme should facilitate easy addition of data …

Jonny Presskdb+ IoT Database Structure

The Road So Far (TorQ RM 2018)

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With 2018 well and truly underway, our development team has set off on a journey along the 2018 TorQ Roadmap. We previously posted a compilation of requested features and desired improvements for our TorQ framework, which has provided us with a range of mini-projects to take on. We are keen on receiving prioritisation requests, if a feature on the roadmap …

Stephen McDonaldThe Road So Far (TorQ RM 2018)

As You Bike It: Mapping Belfast Bike Usage

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We recently noted the ability to use our TorQ package to collect data on our local Belfast Bikes transport network. So how does our cycle network look after collecting for a while? We recorded data on the status of each station in the network for 6 months, and we can now use this data to observe how the population of …

Ryan McCarronAs You Bike It: Mapping Belfast Bike Usage

TorQ 2018 Roadmap

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Below is our current TorQ roadmap for 2018. We welcome any additional suggestions, or prioritisation requests. Data Manipulation Library The point here is to produce a set of utilities useful for analysing and manipulating datasets. The target audience is new kdb+ developers or business users. Visualisation products (e.g. Panopticon) are probably good target applications as it is useful to pivot, …

Jonny PressTorQ 2018 Roadmap

Smart Belfast Collaborative Challenge & Belfast Bikes

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With the recent launch of Smart Belfast Collaborative Challenge by Invest NI and Belfast City Council we thought we’d write a short blog about the existing transport success story of BelfastBikes. If any companies are interested in talking to AquaQ Analytics about their proposed collaborative network and assistance on data please contact us on We noticed an API end-point …

Brooke HopleySmart Belfast Collaborative Challenge & Belfast Bikes

AquaQ Analytics Signs Panopticon Reseller Agreement with Datawatch

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AquaQ Analytics is pleased to announce that it has become an authorised reseller of the Datawatch Panopticon Visual Analytics Technology. Already a professional services partner for Datawatch, AquaQ will now actively resell the technology to clients operating within the capital markets sector and beyond into other industry verticals. Speaking about the news, AquaQ Analytics CEO Ronan Pairceir commented …

Jamie GrantAquaQ Analytics Signs Panopticon Reseller Agreement with Datawatch

AquaQ Analytics Launches kdb+ Training Academy

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AquaQ Analytics is delighted to announce a new 5 Week kdb+ Training Academy   AquaQ Analytics is pleased to announce the launch of a new 5-week intensive kdb+ Training Academy. Clients can now take advantage of the same comprehensive kdb+ training AquaQ provides to its own staff. The training is delivered by industry leading experts and is aimed at clients’ …

AquaQ AdminAquaQ Analytics Launches kdb+ Training Academy