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The videos and slide decks from the AquaQuarantine kdb+ Tech Talks are below.

kdb+ Security

kdb+ can be configured to conform to current security standards. Jonny Press will talk about what these are and how it can be done including authentication, encryption and entitlements.

Slide Deck


TorQ is AquaQ’s kdb+ open source production framework. It is currently in use in multiple institutions. Jonny Press will provide an overview of TorQ, show some of the latest additions to it and talk about some of the features to be added soon.

Slide Deck

Gateway Design Principles

A kdb+ production architecture is usually a multi-process environment where a gateway is a key component to achieve scalability, parallelism and redundancy. Aidan O’Gorman will discuss common principles and design patterns in gateway buildout (see slide deck for references to code.kx).

Slide Deck


Grafana is a visualisation tool with pre-built interfaces to multiple data sources. Last year we published a kdb+ interface using the SimpleJSON connection type. We’ve recently published a more advanced open source interface (which can be found in the Grafana store) using the Websocket interface. Callum Ormerod will discuss and give examples of our work on this.

Slide Deck

kdb+ 4.0

Kx have released kdb+ 4.0. Jamie Grant will provide an overview and examples of the changes, including performance improvements via multi-threaded primitives, Data-At-Rest Encryption and a new code profiler. He’ll also talk about about Optane support, though that can’t be demoed as we don’t have any!

Slide Deck

kdb+ in Containers

Gary Davies and Chris McCracken will give an overview of a recent PoC we have implemented using Docker, Kubernetes and Kafka to control and extend a kdb+ deployment.

Slide Deck

Jonny PressAquaQuarantine kdb+ Tech Talk Content

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