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What’s New?


Introduction to Panopticon 16.5

Panopticon 16.5 incorporates numerous new capabilities, including improved connectivity to Apache Kafka, AMPS, and Streambase as well as MDX / XMLA Connectivity to efficiently access OLAP cubes like ActivePivot and Analysis Services. The improvements are targeted at the needs of Capital Markets firms working with real-time streams and time series data sets and has applications best execution, risk, compliance, surveillance, and all aspects of trading.

Best Practices for Using Kx kdb+ with Panopticon

Panopticon supports the visualization of real time streams and time series data emanating from Kx kdb+ Tick and kdb+.

Subscribe to, Join Streams, Publish to & Define Limits with Apache Kafka

Panopticon allows users to subscribe to multiple pricing and reference data streams managed by Apache Kafka. See how to join streams, how to publish data back to a Kafka topic, and how to build a Kafka-powered Panopticon visual analytics dashboard to alert uses to breaches for particular instruments and to update and monitor trading limits.

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