Michael McDaid

Software Engineer

What is your background and how did you come about joining AquaQ?

I worked for a semiconductor company in Cork on a software project for my Erasmus placement year. I saw AquaQ advertised online and applied. Two weeks after the interview process started.  I did one interview with some technical questions and then just the usual interview questions. The next day I was offered the job!

What attracted you to join AquaQ?

When applying for AquaQ I was really excited about the opportunity to work for a consultancy company with some high-end clients.

Tell me about the interview process?

The interview was with a member of the HR team and one of the senior developers. The senior was from the same town as me so we got on well and had a few laughs during the interview.

Can you remember your first day at AquaQ?

My first day at AquaQ I started with one other person and joined in with a cohort that had started the day before. We got our laptops and signed into all our various accounts. The first day was mainly just filling out forms and meeting the team!

How has your career progressed within AquaQ?

I’m 6 months in now and my skills are progressing whilst learning the codebase on the project . I work with the client on a consultancy basis every day on an epic which was discussed with me on the first week so expectations were clearly set.

What skills are you hoping to develop as part of your team?

We are developing agile and coding best practice skills. We have training 1 hour a week as AquaQ have a push towards getting the OCA and OCP. One of seniors takes a session on Java on a Wednesday. There is show and tell projects presented every week to everyone. One of our other seniors takes sessions with skills that make us more productive every few weeks. Recently we went through one of the IDEs we use, picking out things that some people use on a day to day basis like shortcuts and plugins that I didnt know about.

What advice would you offer to any graduate / experienced developer seeking a role in this area?

Keep yourself relevant by upskilling every day.

What is the most interesting thing about working here and the work you do?

We have a full CI-CD development environment which I had never seen before working here and its really easy to work with. Some of the more complex front-end work is really interesting too.

When you tell people about your job, what’s one thing that surprises them, or gets them excited about the work you do?

The amount of contact we have directly with clients.

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