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Here at AquaQ, we have a talented and diverse team of individuals who each bring their own unique set of skills and interests to benefit our culture. This means we have something for everyone and at AquaQ it’s definitely not all work and no play! There is always something happening from charity fundraisers to ski trips, nights out to away days, exercise classes to yoga (namaste!) We even have traditions that are sacrosanct within AquaQ, such as…

FFFF (First Friday Free Food)

Someone once said there is no such thing as a free lunch… we like to think that’s not true! The first Friday of every month sees our newest AquaQ-ites challenged with their first task – buy everyone lunch!

The efforts are always spectacular (note; pizza and KFC are always a crowd pleaser!) and if we’re lucky there’s even a dessert!

3pm Pump Up Your Slump

We’ve all been there. You’ve been working hard all day, and you’re starting to feel your productivity starting to dip as the clock ticks to the mid-afternoon. All you need is a wee cup of tea, and the perfect song to bop to…

Every day at 3pm, one of us is nominated to give a “Pump Up Your Slump” tune for everyone to enjoy and chooses the victim lucky person for the next day. Just make sure you don’t post late, we’ll notice!

Check out our playlist!

Things To Be Aware Of…

“Stand up” is at the end of every week, when we all come together and find out what’s new in the company over the past 7 days. Be prepared for terrible jokes, baking demonstrations, learning how to make the perfect cup of tea, and pets… lots of pets.

It’s your birthday, congratulations! You get to bring in birthday buns for everyone in the office, and if they’re home baked you’ll win extra… brownie points.

If you’re a fan of donuts, you’re in the right place. One mention of a glazed treat, and you’re sure to spark a passionate debate about where the best places are in Belfast to get your hands on one!

There’s a slack channel for pretty much everything in AquaQ, here are some of the best ones…

  • AquaWoof: come here for pictures of everyone’s doggos
  • Vidya: for all you gamers. Get practicing for company “Worms” on a Thursday!
  • Social: fancy a drink after work on a Friday? This is the place for you
  • Fantasy Football: Think you can Pep yourself up to be the greatest manager in AquaQ? No way, Jose…
  • Bookworms: perfect if you want a review of a novel, or to lend a book!
  • Pub Quizzing: pit yourself against the sharpest minds in AquaQ in the Friday Pub Quiz!
  • Flex Your Hobbies: are you a woodworker, musician, dancer, athlete, master brewer, juggler, racing driver or boat builder? We want to hear about it!

Recent News

New York to Hong Kong Challenge!

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I can only speak for myself, but it’s really difficult to stay in a routine for exercise when we are going in and out of lockdowns, and working remotely means the fridge is just a few steps away…! With this in mind, AquaQ are taking on our biggest challenge yet. From Monday 12th October 2020 to Monday 26th October 2020, …

The Corona Diaries – Sequel

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Week no. “Who Is Still Counting (Stars)”:Days and weeks are starting to blend together. Are we running out of ideas to keep everyone busy? Ha, you wish! Mental Health Awareness Week seems to have given us new inspiration. Here are some of the winning contributions for our Mental Health-“Take a Walk – Take a Picture” challenge: Week no. “Let It …

The Corona Diaries

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Week 1Oh my goodness, I am loving this. My bosses just video called me and they totally bought my “I am taking working from home very seriously”-attitude. What they didn’t know is that I am currently businessperson from the waist up, pyjama party from the waist down. Week 2Yep, still doing great. Third Skype call with friends this week and …

AI NI Datathon

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On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October, AquaQ Analytics were Platinum Sponsors for the AI NI Datathon. With the event being held across two sites in Magee and QUB, it was a fantastic opportunity to engage closely with some of the top programming talent in Northern Ireland! The teams were tasked to complete one of the five challenges set by …

AquaQ – Java User Group Meetup (Belfast 5th Sept)

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AquaQ sponsored and hosted it’s first ever Java User Group Meet-up at Clock Wise at River House in Belfast on 5th Sept 2019. The guest speaker on the night was Matt Riable (Java Champion and Developer Advocate at Okta) and the event was attended by 65 Java enthusiasts. As microservice architecture has become commonplace for many java projects in recent years, …

AquaQ Away Day 2019

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AquaQ Analytics hosted their Annual Away Day on 10 August 2019 at Castlewellan Forest Park and despite the horrific weather conditions people travelled from as far as London to be in attendance! Festivities kicked off………later than expected as a result of a few minor set backs and better late than never  a “Belfast Sightseeing Bus” set off to Castlewellan with …

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