FREE kdb+ Trading Analytics Workshop – NY

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Following the success of our joint event in London this summer with our partners Datawatch Panopticon we have decided to run another FREE interactive workshop in New York this September.

The date and venue are set – Wednesday 12th September 2018 at the Roosevelt Hotel, New York

This workshop is designed for people who want to make full use of their kdb+ data environments in trading analytics applications. It’s tailored for traders, quants, IT people, and compliance people who wish to learn how to get the most out of kdb+ and about the most efficient ways to visually analyze trading data down to the nanosecond level.

Experts from AquaQ Analytics and Panopticon will provide an introduction to visual analysis of trading activity and execution performance using historic, intra-day, and real-time streaming data managed by kdb+. By the end of the day, you will understand how to configure and connect to kdb+ streams and databases and build your own unique Trading Analytics user interfaces focused on best execution, market activity, and client flow.


Full Event Details:

Morning Session (9AM to 1PM): Introduction to kdb+

    – Kdb+ Query Studios / IDEs
    – Creation and manipulation of Basic Structures
    – Overview of build in functions and keywords
    – Querying kdb+ tables
    – Aggregation
    – Downsampling
    – Traditional joins and unions
    – Time-based stitching with As Of Joins
    – Update statements

Afternoon Session (2PM to 6PM): Visual Analysis of kdb+ historic and streaming data

    – Why Panopticon?
    – kdb+ & kdb+tick connectivity
    – Retrieving tables and writing queries
    – Automatic data refresh modes
    – Adding visualizations to a custom UI
    – Aggregation, grouping, and pivoting
    – Filtering data on-the-fly
    – Adding legends
    – Time series data retrieval and display
    – Playback of historic time series data
    – Parameterizing queries
    – Interactive downsampling
    – Subscribing to real-time streams

Evening (6PM to 8PM): Drinks & Networking

    – Short opening remarks from Panopticon and AquaQ
    – 5 minute presentations on latest developments and applications for Kafka, Python, and Panopticon
    – Drinks and networking
Jamie GrantFREE kdb+ Trading Analytics Workshop – NY

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