Crystal Fong

Software Engineer

What is your background and how did you come about joining AquaQ?

I actually was an undergraduate in Psychology but took a completely different route and completed the MSc conversion course in Software Development with Queen’s University. The course placed a heavy emphasis on applying for jobs before we completed our degree so I applied to AquaQ in May even though I wouldn’t know my final results until August. Upon knowing that I received an offer from them it was a relief to know there was a role waiting for me when I finished the course. AquaQ even gave me a day off for my graduation in December which didn’t have to detract from my annual leave days.

Can you remember your first day at AquaQ?

Lots of form filling! Once the paperwork was out of the way I met the rest of the engineering team who were all very welcoming. I also met my assigned buddy who is my go-to person for questions. I ended up just asking anyone questions because I wanted to start knowing my team as soon as possible. All the new starts and their buddies were treated to lunch. Once everyone was introduced, I was stuck into Springboot and React training.

What is your typical day?

We have a scrum call at 9am every day, we go round as a team updating everyone what we worked on the previous day and what we plan to do today. We may have a call with our clients to discuss our progress with the current project we’re on. Whenever I need help, all my colleagues are just a message away.

What skills are you hoping to develop as part of your team?

As mainly a front-end developer my main focus would be to know the ins and outs of React and any add-ons it has such as Redux, React Hooks and unit testing. Also having an understanding with the surrounding technologies I work with would also be a bonus. So whenever I reached out displaying interest in writing some backend code with Springboot my team was very accommodating with that.

What advice would you offer to any graduate / experienced engineer seeking a role in this area?

Ask as many questions as you can! Also perseverance. For me initially, everything was so difficult, it wasn’t until a year on I felt more confident with my abilities and the skills I take for granted now, I wouldn’t have a clue about it at the beginning. I also believe getting to know the people you work with on the daily makes work more enjoyable.

What are the benefits of being a part of the AquaQ team?

The amount of support from my team has been so beneficial to my development as a software developer. As well as the team, AquaQ sometimes organise training courses that lasts around 3-5 days for people that want to enhance their existing skills or to learn something completely new.

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