Sample Engagements


  • Remote Development work on a FAME to kdb+ migration project, including up front analysis and documentation work.
  • Development of a TCA platform in the Equities space for a client (3 man team).
  • Near-shore RTB (Run the Bank) team of 8 responsible for 24/7 support of a large global kdb+ based market data platform for an Investment Bank.
  • Implementation of the Datawatch visualisation tool on top of a kdb+ database for an operations team at an Investment Bank.
  • Remote Development of a GUI in .Net/WPF for a Bond Analytics Tool used by sales personnel to create Bond Ladders for clients (5 man team).
  • Creation of a Feed Handler from Nanex into kdb+ for a hedge fund client.
  • Creation of a Feed Handler from Activ Financial into kdb+ for a hedge fund client.
  • Remote Development of a Bond Aggregation and Trading Application used by Bond Traders with a .Net/WPF frontend with a kdb+ back-end (6 man team). Services provided in this engagement ranged from Business Requirements Documentation, to GUI design using wireframes, to automated testing.
  • Onsite team of 2 consultants working with an existing kdb+ platform to create additional commodities functionality and rates functionality.
  • Provision of kdb+ classroom Training Courses to clients in Belfast, London, Hong Kong and New York.
  • Onsite team of 2 consultants working with an Investment Bank who has only recently adopted kdb+ for market data storage and dissemination. Support in the hardware selection process also provided. Currently creating a gateway to the kdb+ services and uploading 10 years of Global Equities Data into the Historical Database.
  • Development of a latency monitoring metrics database using kdb+.
  • Provision of SAS Financial Crimes implementation services to a retail banking client (2 man team).
  • Development and Implementation of predictive modelling and pricing models for a Northern Ireland Insurance Broker.

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