TorQ Logging with Google Cloud Platform

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TorQ provides detailed and thorough standard output, error and usage logging for multiple processes. These comprehensive logs are essential to system development and monitoring. However more detailed logs can increase the time and effort required to examine log files. Logs aggregation can streamline log analysis, by consolidating log data from multiple components or applications into a centralised location. Log aggregation …

Eoin TeagueTorQ Logging with Google Cloud Platform

All aboard the AquaQ ARK (Architecture Review for kdb+)

Gary Davies cloud, kdb, kdb+

For many of us, this month is about beginning the first delivery cycle of the year knowing that we have a lot of work to get through before the December change freeze hits us again. Requirements year on year usually include increasing data volume, throughput, availability and access while not wanting to impact on performance, availability and access. Often kdb+ …

Gary DaviesAll aboard the AquaQ ARK (Architecture Review for kdb+)

TorQ Roadmap 2022

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We are currently assisting a number of clients with the move towards cloud, and cloud capabilities feature heavily in the development pipeline for TorQ, our kdb+ production framework. The move to cloud can be a “lift-and-shift” approach, or it can be an opportunity to re-engineer the solution. The case for re-engineering parts or all of an incumbent solution are strong. …

Jonny PressTorQ Roadmap 2022