TorQ Release v3.4

Joseph Griffiths kdb+, TorQ 3 Comments

We are delighted to announce release v3.4 of TorQ, the latest instalment of our kdb+ framework; which can be found here. The main changes are outlined below. Grafana Adaptor Integration As part of this update we have included AquaQ’s recent release, the Grafana-KDB adaptor. With this inclusion, the adaptor script is loaded in to all TorQ processes, allowing connection via a Grafana session. Full installation & usage can be found in the original blog and TorQ documentation. …

Joseph GriffithsTorQ Release v3.4

Grafana – kdb+ adaptor

Fiona Morgan kdb, kdb+ 2 Comments

AquaQ Analytics are often involved in projects using different visualisation tools connected to kdb+.  We have recently spent some time reviewing and then implementing a simple Grafana-kdb+ adaptor. This open-source script has been developed using the inbuilt Grafana SimpleJSON datasource and comes with the capability of table and time series visualisation and manipulation. Instructions for installation and usage can be …

Fiona MorganGrafana – kdb+ adaptor

kdb+ 3.6: anymap

Jonny Press datablog, kdb+ 3 Comments

The recent release of kdb+3.6 brought a new data structure: anymap. As database nerds, this is very exciting news for us. We thought we’d have a play with it to see how it could be used. New Nested Lists The anymap features replaces all the previous structures used to create nested lists. It also supports storing non-uniform values within the …

Jonny Presskdb+ 3.6: anymap

Online kdb+ Training – New Site and New Features

Jonny Press kdb+, training Leave a Comment

We’ve made some big changes and additions to our online kdb+ training site. We’ve been using it internally for some time now, but it’s time to release it to the world! We feel the changes extend the reach of the training site to be a useful tool for both new and experienced kdb+ developers and support personnel. Challenge Site We …

Jonny PressOnline kdb+ Training – New Site and New Features

FREE kdb+ Trading Analytics Workshop – NY

Jamie Grant kdb+, News, training Leave a Comment

Following the success of our joint event in London this summer with our partners Datawatch Panopticon we have decided to run another FREE interactive workshop in New York this September. The date and venue are set – Wednesday 12th September 2018 at the Roosevelt Hotel, New York This workshop is designed for people who want to make full use of …

Jamie GrantFREE kdb+ Trading Analytics Workshop – NY

AquaQ releases q-REST Web Interface

Michael McParland kdb, kdb+, TorQ Leave a Comment

AquaQ Analytics is pleased to announce the release of q-REST v1.0 – a RESTful web interface for kdb+. This open source package has been designed as a convenient way for web clients to make requests to a kdb+ instance using the JSON format. The package can be easily integrated with Swagger UI, Docker and standard authentication methods such as SSO, allowing users to easily implement the …

Michael McParlandAquaQ releases q-REST Web Interface

CMC Markets partners with Tradefeedr to deploy machine learning for trading analytics

Jamie Grant kdb+, News, Tradefeedr Leave a Comment

London, UK: CMC Markets, a leader in online trading has partnered with Tradefeedr, a data science platform built for financial markets, to deploy cloud based machine learning to improve trading analytics and intelligence around liquidity management. The additional capabilities provide for: Data integration: the ingestion, cleansing and store of massive amounts of market and transactional data. Data exploration: high performance …

Jamie GrantCMC Markets partners with Tradefeedr to deploy machine learning for trading analytics

TorQ Release v3.3 – kdb+ 3.6

Karan Patel kdb, kdb+, TorQ Leave a Comment

We are delighted to announce release v3.3 of TorQ, the latest installment of our kdb+ framework; which can be found here. The TorQ v3.3 release has upgraded to run with kdb+ 3.6, whilst maintaining backward compatibility with prior versions.  The main changes are outlined below. Concurrent Synchronous Requests As part of this update, the gateway in TorQ supports the deferred response …

Karan PatelTorQ Release v3.3 – kdb+ 3.6