AquaCue Analytics: A Break from Software Development

Matthew Clark Life At AquaQ

So far in January, we have looked back at some of our favourite social events from last year. Next on the agenda of our post-year review takes us back to October 2021, where we held a pool tournament in Belfast’s Laverys, open to all in the company. The event consisted of two tournaments; the singles matches which was a straight …

Matthew ClarkAquaCue Analytics: A Break from Software Development

AquaQ Grafana 8.0 plugin for kdb+

Paul Teague kdb+

AquaQ is pleased to preview an upcoming release of a new product. AquaQ have developed a new Grafana 8.0 kdb+ backend plugin. This plugin has been developed using  The plugin offers the capability for table and time series visualisation of queried data along with support for Grafana variables, enhanced TLS security, query capability, native support for Grafana’s alerting framework …

Paul TeagueAquaQ Grafana 8.0 plugin for kdb+

AquaQ on the Move – A Step-by-Step Retelling

Matthew Clark Life At AquaQ

Following our blog last Friday surrounding our tribute to the Great British Bake Off; we continue our 2021 social retrospective this week with a two for one blog containing all events walking. The Big Group Walk of July All the way back in July, an opportunity arose for a lot of the newer employees to meet others in the company …

Matthew ClarkAquaQ on the Move – A Step-by-Step Retelling

All aboard the AquaQ ARK (Architecture Review for kdb+)

Gary Davies cloud, kdb, kdb+

For many of us, this month is about beginning the first delivery cycle of the year knowing that we have a lot of work to get through before the December change freeze hits us again. Requirements year on year usually include increasing data volume, throughput, availability and access while not wanting to impact on performance, availability and access. Often kdb+ …

Gary DaviesAll aboard the AquaQ ARK (Architecture Review for kdb+)

AquaQ Bake Off

Matthew Clark Life At AquaQ

January is often considered a month for new beginnings and self-improvement. It is also a good time to perform some reflection on what was accomplished in the previous year. AquaQ Analytics really had an excellent year in 2021 in terms of our technical accomplishments. On top of this, the return of the in-person social events became a huge triumph over …

Matthew ClarkAquaQ Bake Off

Calculating VaR using Monte Carlo Simulation

Pat McKillen Data Science, python

The need for Monte Carlo Monte Carlo simulation is a stepwise approach to solving problems that due to the presence of some uncertainty, may not have a single answer. One such uncertainty in finance and investment is volatility. Volatility will create situations where investors might have an expected return on an investment but due to the volatile nature of markets, …

Pat McKillenCalculating VaR using Monte Carlo Simulation

Performing Beta Analysis on Stocks, Indices and Commodities Futures

Pat McKillen Data Science, python

Introduction Often an investor will want to determine whether a stock moves in the same direction as the rest of the market, a portfolio, or some combination in between. There are a few reasons why an investor would want to do this but a common one is to gauge how much risk a new stock is adding to a portfolio. …

Pat McKillenPerforming Beta Analysis on Stocks, Indices and Commodities Futures

TorQ Roadmap 2022

Jonny Press cloud, kdb+, TorQ

We are currently assisting a number of clients with the move towards cloud, and cloud capabilities feature heavily in the development pipeline for TorQ, our kdb+ production framework. The move to cloud can be a “lift-and-shift” approach, or it can be an opportunity to re-engineer the solution. The case for re-engineering parts or all of an incumbent solution are strong. …

Jonny PressTorQ Roadmap 2022

CI/CD & TorQ-Pipeline

Liam O'Connor kdb+, TorQ

Many application development lifecycles have moved to more modern cycle approaching full automation. The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate TorQ-Pipeline, an example using TorQ of a modern kdb+ CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Deployment) pipeline. Before DevOps culture, the software cycle was heavily siloed. The goal of CI/CD is to break down the barriers between the different teams involved in …

Liam O'ConnorCI/CD & TorQ-Pipeline

MATLAB, kdb+ and Streaming Data

Liam O'Connor kdb+

Introduction Recent projects at AquaQ have required the ability to receive streaming data to MATLAB from a vanilla kdb+ tickerplant. The aim therefore was to create a simple method for this with the ability to work over as many platforms as possible. The examples included in this blog use the R2021a version of MATLAB and kdb+ 4.0. Java API for kdb+  …

Liam O'ConnorMATLAB, kdb+ and Streaming Data