kdb programming challenge – countdown numbers game

Matt Doherty kdb+ 2 Comments

This weeks challenge is in honour of the the late Richard Whiteley, who in his time clocked up more hours on British TV screens than anyone else alive! Consonant please, Carol… Puzzle 4 – Countdown Numbers Game The challenge is based on the countdown numbers game and is a little more difficult than previous weeks, so we’ve split it into …

Matt Dohertykdb programming challenge – countdown numbers game

kdb programming challenge – rotating substitution cipher

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Puzzle 3 – Rotating Substitution Cipher In cryptography one of the simplest forms of encryption is the substitution cipher, where you take each letter and pick a replacement for it. Encryption is then as simple as substituting each letter in your message with the replacement letter from the cipher. This type of encryption is usually not difficult to break, since …

Matt Dohertykdb programming challenge – rotating substitution cipher

WebSockets, HTML5 and kdb+

Glen Smith kdb+ 6 Comments

The aim of this post is to introduce the idea of using HTML5 and kdb+ together. HTML is a markup language used to build web pages and HTML5 is the latest version. It comes with many new features but one we will focus on is WebSockets which allows us to easily send and receive data from kdb+. WebSockets allows web …

Glen SmithWebSockets, HTML5 and kdb+

q programming challenge – Narcissistic Numbers

Jamie Grant kdb+ 6 Comments

This is the second in an occasional series of q challenges we’ll post on the blog. Please get involved by posting your own solutions in the comments (prior to revealing the solution). As we get through the backlog of challenges that have been posed and completed by the AquaQ team, future challenges will be conducted ‘live’ on the blog, with …

Jamie Grantq programming challenge – Narcissistic Numbers

Kdb+ User Group Report – Vinopolis 3rd June 2014

Jamie Grant News 1 Comment

AquaQ Analytics hosted its first kdb+ user group meeting on 3 June 2014 at Vinopolis in London. The event was enthusiastically attended by over 100 people from the Kx community, including faces new and old. The night kicked off with welcoming drinks and a presentation on AquaQ’s service offering from CEO Ronan Pairceir. This included details of AquaQ’s kdb+ training …

Jamie GrantKdb+ User Group Report – Vinopolis 3rd June 2014

kdb programming challenge – Pascal’s Triangle

Matt Doherty kdb+ 9 Comments

Hello and welcome to the hotly anticipated inaugural post of the AquaQ Analytics q programming challenge blog! Hopefully our humble website can handle the inevitable onslaught of puzzle-solving traffic. In this blog we will try to keep you entertained with a series of interesting computational or mathematical problems, and their solutions in kdb+/q. The solutions will be initially hidden for …

Matt Dohertykdb programming challenge – Pascal’s Triangle

AquaQ Analytics Kdb+ User Group Meeting

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Date: 3 June 2014 Time: Registration opens: 18:15, Presentations begin: 18:45 Location: Vinopolis, London Welcome drinks will be followed by: AquaQ Analytics, Welcome, Dr. Ronan Pairceir (CEO) Kx Update, Michael O’Neill, (Director of Sales Kx) Datawatch, Visual Discovery Against Kdb+, Peter Simpson Data Direct Networks, Performance Scaling on Huge Kdb+ Historical DB’s, Glenn Wright AquaQ Analytics, TorQ Framework, David Demner To …

Jamie GrantAquaQ Analytics Kdb+ User Group Meeting

TorQ Framework Released

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Today AquaQ Analytics (www.aquaq.co.uk), an implementation and training partner of kx systems, is releasing a kdb+ framework called AquaQ TorQ for free to the kx community via code.kx.com. The framework forms the basis of a production kdb+ system by implementing some core functionality and utilities on top of kdb+, allowing developers to concentrate on the application business logic. It incorporates as many best practices as possible, …

Jamie GrantTorQ Framework Released

AquaQ Recruitment Evening

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AquaQ Analytics held a recuitment evening at the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast on Thursday 3rd April 2014. The event was well attended, with presentations from AquaQ CEO Ronan Pairceir & AquaQ team member Kent Lee.

Jamie GrantAquaQ Recruitment Evening