CI/CD & TorQ-Pipeline

Liam O'Connor datablog, kdb+, TorQ

Many application development lifecycles have moved to more modern cycle approaching full automation. Taking best practices from our software engineering team into our big data exploits, the purpose of this blog is to demonstrate TorQ-Pipeline, an example using TorQ of a modern kdb+ CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Deployment) pipeline. Before DevOps culture, the software cycle was heavily siloed. The goal of …

Liam O'ConnorCI/CD & TorQ-Pipeline

MATLAB, kdb+ and Streaming Data

Liam O'Connor kdb+

Introduction Recent projects at AquaQ have required the ability to receive streaming data to MATLAB from a vanilla kdb+ tickerplant. The aim therefore was to create a simple method for this with the ability to work over as many platforms as possible. The examples included in this blog use the R2021a version of MATLAB and kdb+ 4.0. Java API for kdb+  …

Liam O'ConnorMATLAB, kdb+ and Streaming Data

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Gary Davies kdb+

In a data driven world, the ability to access and retrieve data efficiently is critical. This means data needs to be readily available to users, and in the kdb+ world this can present a challenge. kdb+ being somewhat single threaded can result in heavy users acting greedily on data processes. In AquaQ we are hearing more from our clients about …

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SEMO-Downloader TorQ App

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The TorQ-SEMO downloader is an application which is built upon the TorQ framework in partnership with The Electric Storage Company. It allows users to download and store data relevant to electricity production for the island of Ireland. The app can be used to perform bespoke analysis on electricity market data sourced from the SEMOpx API and weather data obtained from the API (formerly known as ClimaCell). …

Liam O'ConnorSEMO-Downloader TorQ App

Automating Data Egress from kdb+ into Google BigQuery

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kdb+ tick data capture software has been largely popular in banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions for years. Its kdb+ framework permits incredibly fast querying of data largely due to its vectorised querying language and efficient storage methods. A large cost component in any kdb+ implementation is always storage costs. Storage costs have been a big driving factor towards …

Matthew ClarkAutomating Data Egress from kdb+ into Google BigQuery

Pegasus TorQ Tick Tools

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Following our partnership with Pegasus, we have built TorQ adaptor which will provide TorQ’s segmented tickerplant with out-of-the-box access to leading data platforms and direct data solutions such as TP ICAP’s SURFIX data feed. Some of the key benefits Pegasus’ MarketsIO Tick Tools package provides are: Data burst protection against tick loss. Control over the distribution of streaming analytics. Ability to …

Stefan HalesPegasus TorQ Tick Tools

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

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Monday 10th May to Friday 14th May was Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, and our AquaQ team did their bit to get involved and help raise awareness and create conversations around the topic of mental health. Mental Health Awareness Week was created by the Mental Health Foundation 21 years ago, it has since grown into one of the worlds biggest …

Calum McBurneyMental Health Awareness Week 2021

AquaQ’s BigQuery API: Accessing Google’s BigQuery Data in kdb+

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Introduction Google’s BigQuery is a fully scalable, serverless, cloud data warehouse of ever-increasing popularity. It boasts impressive ease of use as well as low-cost, quick configuration and “super-fast”[1] SQL querying across data. Making use of worker processes (like kdb+ secondary processes) and Google’s processing infrastructure, BigQuery’s querying speeds tower above many other SQL data warehouses. For a SQL-based storage and …

Matthew ClarkAquaQ’s BigQuery API: Accessing Google’s BigQuery Data in kdb+

TorQ Data Access API

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Accessibility is important for all software, it provides a pleasant user experience as well as a seamless interaction with non-native processes. The Data Access API provides TorQ with a sleek user interface as well as accessible and extensive functionality to both the inexperienced kdb+ user and non kdb+ processes. Whilst experienced kdb+ developers will likely prefer to write queries directly, …

Dan SheppardTorQ Data Access API

AquaQuarantine 2021 Tech Talk Content

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The videos and slide decks from the AquaQuarantine 2021 Tech Talks are below. Content for the 2020 series can be found here. Shakti Refinitiv Tick History in Google BigQuery Chronicle Queue Vaex, Arrow, Parquet, kdb+ kdb+ Depth Data Storage Formats Shakti In this talk Fintan Quill, Shakti Director of Sales Engineering, will discuss this new parallel data system. With Shakti, database, language, …

Jonny PressAquaQuarantine 2021 Tech Talk Content