Tee-rific Times at AquaQ

Matthew Clark Life At AquaQ

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of fun and excitement in the world of AquaQ. We, of course, had our Easter/Birthday event a little while ago in the Jailhouse. But on top of this, we also experienced so many more events including a golf day, a couple of board game nights and taking part in a marathon. …

Matthew ClarkTee-rific Times at AquaQ

Beginners Approach to Multithreading in Java Spring Boot

Brien Gillen Software Engineering

Multithreading is similar to multitasking, with the difference that it enables the running of multiple threads simultaneously, rather than processes. In Java, a thread refers to a sequence of programmed instructions which the operating system’s scheduler manages. Threads can be used to perform complex tasks in the background without interrupting the main program. It is worth noting that a thread …

Brien GillenBeginners Approach to Multithreading in Java Spring Boot

Transaction Cost Analysis Using Vaex and FastAPI

Cameron Webb datablog

TCA involves studying trade prices to determine if the trade was executed at a good price. Important metrics for carrying out TCA on a trade include the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), mid-price, and slippage. The VWAP is the mean price an asset has traded at in a given time period (15 minutes before a trade for this test), weighted …

Cameron WebbTransaction Cost Analysis Using Vaex and FastAPI

Happy Birthday AquaQ

Matthew Clark Life At AquaQ

The month of April marked a busy one for AquaQ Analytics. From Belfast to Singapore, different parties took place in order to celebrate AquaQ Analytics’ eleventh birthday. Since our tenth birthday was a lot more isolated and restricted, we decided to make up for it with the festivities this year. Belfast Birthday Blowout Cue the balloons, confetti and lots and …

Matthew ClarkHappy Birthday AquaQ

BRC Leadership Training

Michael Bratton Life At AquaQ

Hi, my name is Michael Bratton and I’m part of the Engineering team here at AquaQ. Back in 2020, AquaQ offered me the potential to become a line manager along with some of my colleagues in Engineering and beyond. It wasn’t framed as something that would take away from my day to day development work (it doesn’t), but would be …

Michael BrattonBRC Leadership Training

Methods for storing text on-disk in kdb+

Calum Mackenzie kdb+

q has both the symbol and character atomic datatypes. Both symbols and lists of characters (commonly referred to as strings) are used for working with text data. The two appear extensively throughout q code but in any given situation there are reasons for strongly favouring one over the other. This post will start by covering those reasons and then go …

Calum MackenzieMethods for storing text on-disk in kdb+

A Flipping Fun Month

Matthew Clark Life At AquaQ

The month of March was one of excitement in AquaQ. We started off with a bang by competitively flipping pancakes; we celebrated the wonderful achievements of the women in our company; and we rounded off the month with our second yoga session of the year. On top of all of this, the social committee has been desperately preparing every little …

Matthew ClarkA Flipping Fun Month

TorQ Logging with Google Cloud Platform

Eoin Teague cloud, kdb+, TorQ Leave a Comment

TorQ provides detailed and thorough standard output, error and usage logging for multiple processes. These comprehensive logs are essential to system development and monitoring. However more detailed logs can increase the time and effort required to examine log files. Logs aggregation can streamline log analysis, by consolidating log data from multiple components or applications into a centralised location. Log aggregation …

Eoin TeagueTorQ Logging with Google Cloud Platform

Performance Testing

Declan Newell Software Engineering

Performance testing can better reflect real-world scenarios, simulating high-volume traffic and concurrent requests, should that be required. This makes performance testing different from other types of testing, which do not necessarily take traffic and many requests into consideration. Performance Testing is only one type of testing. There are many other types of testing that should generally take place before Performance …

Declan NewellPerformance Testing

Crazy, AquaQupid, Love

Matthew Clark Life At AquaQ

At this point in the year, New Years already feels like a distant memory – and statistically, almost all of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions. It’s hardly surprising that New Years felt so long ago, with the state of current affairs, it’s difficult to remember Valentine’s Day (although that could also be due to the champagne …

Matthew ClarkCrazy, AquaQupid, Love