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These are some strange times. We hope everyone and their families are safe and well.

On a positive note, it does provide a good opportunity to run some technical training sessions, which we’ve been doing internally for the last few weeks. We’ve decided to open these up publicly as everyone else is in the same “working from home” boat. We’ll try not to waffle on too much. We are aiming for 30 minutes of content followed by some Q+A (so 45 minute sessions, give or take).

If you’d like to sign up for any of these sessions, please use the form below. If you have trouble accessing or viewing the form, please try directly here.

The content for these webinars is now available here.

Jonny PressAquaQuarantine kdb+ Tech Talks

Comments 5

  1. Anand Kulkarni

    please record and put these on acuaQ channel or youtube specifically for those in odd timezone who cant attend live webinars.

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  2. Stephen Taylor

    Hi Jonny. In these seminars you should be able to refer people to for details you don’t need to explore. Please let me know of any gaps you notice! Best, Stephen – Kx Librarian

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