AquaQ Innovation Pods

At AquaQ Analytics, we recognise the importance of Innovation. Our AquaQ Innovation Pods focus on a number of key areas for the company:

kdb+ Innovation Pod

Our Products page presents the suite of tools and utilities that our kdb+ Innovation Pod has created to date, to make it easier for our clients to gain full advantage of kdb+ as a technology. These innovations range from our TorQ Framework for kdb+, to our TorQ Data Connectors, our TorQ Tech Connectors and our TorQ Containers work.  

Startup Innovation Pod  

AquaQ works with innovative startups where we think we can add value in the areas of technology and analytics. To date, our Startup Innovation Pod has helped a number of companies to get up and running across Trading Analytics, Market Data Provision, Utilities and HealthTech. In a number of instances, we have entered into Joint Ventures with these companies.   

Solutions Innovation Pod 

Through our TorQ Solutions  and other endeavours, our Solutions Innovation Pod researches and builds proof of concepts for new Solutions that AquaQ wants to bring to market.

Industry Watch Innovation Pod  

Our Industry Watch Innovation Pod researches new service areas where AquaQ could operate, new technologies of benefit both to our staff and our clients, latest industry trends that impact AquaQ and new industry sectors where we can leverage our staff skill sets. Many of these findings are shared with our clients and the wider market through AquaQ’s active blog posts, meetups and our recent AquaQuarantine Tech Talks series.

If you are interested in understanding more about our AquaQ Innovations Pods, please contact us via

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