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AquaQ CTO Jonny Press presenting 1st Prize

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October, AquaQ Analytics were Platinum Sponsors for the AI NI Datathon. With the event being held across two sites in Magee and QUB, it was a fantastic opportunity to engage closely with some of the top programming talent in Northern Ireland!

AquaQ team at QUB Belfast site

The teams were tasked to complete one of the five challenges set by the event sponsors. AquaQ’s challenge involved the use of a substantial renewable energy dataset which provided timeseries information on how the customer’s battery usage related to the grid and the cost to sell or buy electricity over a series of days. The goal of the challenge was to generate any meaningful insight into this data. Teams over the course of two day’s worked to find solutions to the challenges, some even electing to stay overnight in the building!

AquaQ Team at Magee College site

In addition to the challenges, participants of the AI NI Datathon were able to attend various workshops. A workshop on Data Visualization was run by AquaQ, where they were taught the fundamentals of how to effectively tell the story of data through graphs and animations. Throughout the event attendees were supported by the sizeable AquaQ contingent who were happy to help with any questions they had.

With roughly 300 people in attendance, it was no mean feat to ensure everything went to plan. AI NI did a fantastic job organising and running the event, so we would like to thank them on behalf of everyone who was there!

Calum McBurneyAI NI Datathon

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